our story

Everything started in 1924, when the inventor of our secret recipe was born. He was Carlo Vittone, but for us, the members of his family, he was just “Nonno Lino”, where “Nonno” stands in Italian for “Grandpa”. He has taught the real meaning of creating first-class cured pork to two generations, transmitting his particular method, where the fundamental role is played by the value of authentic things.

When he was just 11 years old, he started working in a small store in Chieri, a city among the hills between the South area of Turin and Monferrato. He devoted his whole life to the butchery, becoming from the beginning a representative for the area. In effect, in that period the butcher was used to visit the diary farms of the area during the winter, where every family bred some pigs to produce cured porks. Since just one animal was enough for a sufficient number of products for the whole year, it was considered a really important resource. Nonno Lino was the one who was supposed to manage this activity.

Diligence, total commitment and lots of hours devoted to his work. These are the words we may use if we would like to describe grandpa’s life. Fortunately, he succeeded in transmitting to us his love for things well done, and this is the little big truth we want to share with you today. The most precious secret of his recipe can be described with two words, which represent the most important ingredients: passion and devotion. Without these, we may not be able to offer to your the best results of this tradition.