traditional method

There is only one way to prepare first-class cured porks: raw materials must be carefully selected, skilful hands are those to rely on and the maturing process has to take place in a controlled environment for as long as necessary.
This is the only way tradition can give the best of it and artisan wisdom is transformed into taste.

Raw materials

Our products are prepared only using White Large pork breed culatelli and lard, and a low percentage of Piemontese breed veal. According to the original recipe, we add natural flavours and wine to the meat. As guarantee for the quality of every of our cured pork, you can trust simplicity and traceability of our raw materials.


Always respecting sanitary measures, production and sacking take place in the factory, using natural bowel. Like for organic products, antioxidants, additive and maturing accelerators are not used in any case. All our products suit European laws, fact which is certificated by the CE mark.


The cave: here it is the place where the most important step of our production takes place. Every product is daily checked, many times during the day, till it gets to the perfect balance. According to the statement which asserts that maturing is the most important step of the whole chain, we have to say that the most difficult one is the drying process. It takes place in the factory, for at least seven days, using a special dryer cell.   As Nonno Lino was used to say, a cured pork is ready only when… it is ready. Everything depends on humidity, external conditions, size and on natural decisions. That’s why, when you order some cured porks and our answer is that “they are not ready yet”, please do not get angry: your waiting will be rewarded. It is a promise.